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As of 1708 on the ides of March, MacColin is official off the Devore site, except, of course, our trees, long may they live. Thank you all who helped on this painful effort, with a special thanks to James, Brian, and Ote for sticking it to the anxoius very, very end.
The Link you are all waiting for (RPFS RAPA).
March 19 09:00 is the magic day and time. See you Saturday!

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3/7/05 front view        

I found tools left out on site (remember to do the tool sweep before dark), banding clips, a bag of 2 dozen 3/8" bolts, and un-used (but needed) pallets.

The blue steel box has the abandond tools, a sleeping bag, and the other reel of banding steel and clips.

The rest of our expensive counterForgotten goods need saving.

Some items of great need of attention are now marked with the cones. The barrels need emptying and saving, the goods (stool, barrels, cooler, outdoor sink, corbels, table stuff in and by the barrel, work bench, pallets) need to be saved.
The sump needs to be banded to the load, nylon load straps won't pass muster for this.

An 8x12' floor made of good ply and pressure treated 2x6" lumber used for trash tortures my Scottish heart- Know how much that cost us?

Our neighbors gave up in exaustion Sunday, and have invited us to scavange any and everything there not in a plastic wrapped pallet. They have hoses, conduit, ply, lumber (some hardwood), etc. Other goodies are available on site, and every one is running ragged, and cheer and help makes everything a little better.

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